StarChild has his Bachelors of Science in Human Services, with special emphasis on counseling and group facilitation, from Springfield College. He uses his degree working as an educator, presenter, and facilitator and has developed a curriculum on developing healthy relationship skills. His past focus has been with the glbt (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) communities as well as addiction and substance abuse.

His formal metaphysical education includes Reiki, psychic mediumship, as well as Anderson Feri Tradition Witchcraft. He has studied the arts of magic and witchcraft since 1992. StarChild was initiated into Feri tradition in 2003 and is now teaching Feri in San Diego. He studied under DhamiBoo (Robert Turnbull) receiving Reiki II in 2004, then continued with Reiki I, II, and III under a Usui based Reiki, receiving his Reiki master certification in 2008.

StarChild has been a life long medium, working with his faerie companions (named Simms) actively his entire life. In addition, the Elenkin line of Anderson Feri introduced additional skills and deities that have influenced and shaped his intuitive reading technique. StarChild is a skilled occultist, practiced in the arts of witchcraft, possession, and spell work. His relationship with the fae folk have guided and directed his path.

Ever increasing in his skill and knowledge, Tommie StarChild is studying with gifted teachers, as well as his ancestors, the old ways of the American South. His great grandfather (and namesake) learned the old ways and healing from his wife, during the late 1800’s into the early 1900’s, and they moved to Ridgely, Tennessee in 1914, where StarChild’s family remains to this day. His great grandmother was helping to heal her daughter and others during the great influenza epidemic of 1918 when she succumbed to the flu herself and died. His great grandfather went on to teach his two oldest daughters, whom were both born with “the sight”, the old ways, and the healing art that the family called conjure.

He has been in recovery since 1996. This began in a local recovery home and 12 step programs. After 10 years Starchild merged beliefs and teachings of Feri, Zen, and life experience developing a unique approach to recovery. “The Authentic Self is not attached to the false self known as ‘addiction’ and it is through responsibility for ones actions and choices that we find freedom.”

StarChild’s rich life experience and education, both formal and informal make him a natural counselor and guide to the process of reconnection of soul and body. His fresh new approach combines psychology, sociology, Zen concepts, and pagan teachings to help one find the person whom they have always been – their Authentic Self. He believes that all people are born of natural goodness, this is the heart of the true self, the Authentic Self, or as we say in the Feri Tradition “The Black Heart of Innocence.”

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