Authentic self is an intensive healing process in which I assist in facilitating reconnection of self with soul and spirit. Our self is composed of three Souls, or 3 ways that spirit acts – the Talker, the Fetch, and the High Soul. My Authentic Self guides you through a process by which these souls are brought into alignment. When these three souls are functioning in alignment, one is connected to their spirit (also called the root). It is when these are aligned that we are acting within our authentic self – being who we have always been –. It is about claiming your own spirit, because if you don’t claim your spirit, somebody, or something else, will. We refer to this situation as being “crossed.” My Authentic Self offers assistance and direct services to help you, the client, achieve connection with your authentic self: reclaiming your spirit (or root) through a variety of methods tailored for each unique situation.

I’m Tommie StarChild, owner of My Authentic Self, and am a spirit worker, witch, medium, trance channeler, and healer.

The services I offer include: 

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings (spirit work) help uncover the unseen influences in a situation. I utilize talking stones, Tarot cards, channeling, and energy reading. The talking stones are used as a diagnostic tool to uncover what is going on in the here-and-now (what’s crossed your spirit). The reading is further supported with Tarot to increase the information and reveal greater detail. I work with my personal faerie companions, named Simms, receiving guidance and direction during all readings. It is often common that ancestor spirits also step in to lend guidance, insight, and support.

A reading is $120

Reiki/Energy Healing

Reiki is a form of touch healing. I combine standard Reiki techniques, with a more intuitive/shamanic approach to energy healing. All energy work includes a diagnostic reading prior to the working. This is a hands-on touch approach, with no body manipulation. Energy healing sessions address all types of healing needs including spiritual, physical, emotional and mental. Healing treatments are designed as needed per client, and might be one time, or multiple sessions. I am a certified Reiki Master, and have combined it with some of my own healing gifts (which I was born with) as well as spirit work, offering a unique energy healing experience.

A 30 minute session is – $60
An hour session is – $120

Spells, Root Work, Cleansings, Uncrossings, etc…

As an Anderson Feri initiate and priest, and spirit worker and seer, I have unique skills and talents, craft knowledge and family traditions for addressing most of life’s needs. Life, Death, Love, and Luck are the crossroads of each and every one of us. These roads need to be cleared to bring harmony into ones life. There are various spells, root work (a type of spell craft), cleansings, uncrossings, and such that address these and other needs.

Services are costumed designed per client, per need or request.
Prices starts at – $120

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