At the heart of “My Authentic Self” is the concept of being who you have always been. Rather than going through life pursuing the person you think you “should be” or are “supposed to be”, “My Authentic Self” has you stop – breath – shift your perspective and connect with the authentic self within.

We are taken from our authentic or true self at the moment we receive influences from the outside world. “Supposed to”, “should be” and “black and white” thinking convince us to create patterns of acting in order to function as the self those influences create – the self we “should be” or are “supposed to” be. This creates a false self. Ego become identified with this false self, and tells us this IS who we are. To attempt to question or remove this false self results in Ego convincing us we will “die.” Fear is the defender of Ego – of our false self. Attachment is the tool used to maintain the illusion of control, and Ego tells us we must have control in order to avoid fear. Fears are the bricks and attachment is the mortar we use to wall ourselves in, sealing the mask of the false self – and who we think we are.

Everyone develops patterns or learned behaviors that we use over and over in life. These patterns reinforce who we thinks we are. It is this way of interacting with the world around a us that keeps us removed from our authentic self. Ego/egocentricity is so attached to this process that it often develops many false selves, as we think we are freeing our selves from one false self, we find that we are simply deceived by egocentricity. This is the result of pursuing who we have always wanted to be, who we want to be when we grow up, and/or doing what is expected.

When a person realizes that they have gotten away from their actual self and fallen into a rut of who they thought they were, and that self no longer fits, getting back to their authentic self can seems a daunting task.

I utilizes techniques developed over years of working with individuals and groups in the pursuit of the development of self including counseling, healing energy work, working with my faeries (named Simms), Reiki, and intuitive readings.

The goal is to open pathways by which an individual can develop new perspectives of self. It is through these shifts in perspectives that help an individual to reconnect with their Authentic Self.

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